Happy New Year

been a busy few weeks. I went to the LISA conference in DC at the
beginning of December. Christmas came real fast. Every one seemed to
have a good time. My folks were down for the holiday. He ordered a
Turducken for the holiday feast. We cooked it on the grill and it
turned out great. We got it from a place in Louisiana. It was a great
idea and I thank my dad for coming up with the idea. My mom and I
cooked up great side dishes for the meal. My aunts, uncle and cousins
w/ girlfriends were over for the feast.

My uncle from Mich. and my 2 cousins came down for a few days after
Christmas. We had some good Thia and the annual pizza night.
Unfortunently my dad was feeling real bad with a cold so he and my mom
headed back to Bath a few days early and missed pizza night. 🙂

NYE was a blast..spent a few hours at Smed’s house and got home
before midnight to spend it with Avery and Carolyn….who were already
in bed. 🙂

So have a happy New Year and I will try to keep updates a little more regular.