New TV Season

Well the new TV season is starting and my DVR is working overtime.  I have found a few new shows that would be interesting and will have to check out.  That’s the beauty of haveing a great piece of equipment like the DVR.  So much easier to use and watch then a VCR.

Other then the new TV season a lot has been going on.  We have hired a new person at work to help me out and to start working on documentation and other stuff.  I had a list of stuff for him to do and he seems to be doing a great job. 

Parents came back from Turkey last weekend after a 3 week trip of the country.  They seemed to have had a good time.  Dad heads to the Cleavland clinic at the end of October for a check up on his heart stuff.

Avery started High School this year and seems to be doing well in the new school.  She also started another year of dance and is taking Jazz and Hip Hop this year.  I am sure she will do great and be one of the best in both her classes. 🙂

Carolyn is doing great and is out looking for a job.