Day 1 of my Florida Keys Vacation

So Carolyn and I started our day at the great early hour of 2:15am. We arrived at the Atlantic City International Airport by 3:00am. We waited in line at the Spirit air for about 20 min and then waited 10 min for the security check point to open and were through security in about 5min. I guess it pays to be one of the first people in the airport. 🙂

We waited for the next 2 hours waiting to board the plain. The weather in NJ when we left was cold really windy and raining. So I figured we would be delayed while they waited for the weather to calm down. The plane was full with people going to the islands and on cruises. We left right on time were in the air by 6:17. This was the first flight I was ever on that the pilot actually told people they may need there sick bags. She warned us that the take off might be real bumpy because of the wind…it wasn’t real bad. This was the first time Carolyn has ever flown and I was a little worried that she wouldn’t do well but she did a great job.

We landed right on time in Ft. Lauderdale and headed to the car rental building. We got our car and headed right to the nearest Wallgreens.

After a stop at Wallgreens to get some things we hit the road and started off for Marathon Fl. We were on the road for about 2 hours. The Sea and the Gulf of Mexico looked real pretty. We made it to the Banana Bay Resort by about 2:30 after a great lunch at the Cracked Conch Cafe which is right up the road from the Resort. I had a great sandwich and Carolyn had a Ceaser Salad with Chicken, and we shared a basket of fries that were great…

We headed to the room for a little break and to change out of our northern cloths into our island wear…ahhhhh. I ended up taking a great nap for a a few hours. We then headed out for dinner and found a great place called the 7 Mile Grill . The waiter/bartender was a nice guy from Jamaica by way of Michigan. 🙂 I had grilled Yellow Tail with fries and steamed fresh vegetables, Carolyn had grilled Grouper with smashed red potatoes. I had Key Lime pie for desert. I was amazed that they had Yuenling on tap so to feel at home I had 2. 🙂

Tomorrow we will head to Key West for the day and see the touristy part of the Keys.