Day 5 of my Florida Keys Vacation…has come to an end

So today I write to you from the Ft. Lauderdale airport where they give you free wifi in all the terminal buildings. After a week of no internet I sort of overdosed on it here at the airport.

Our day started like all the others in the Keys with breakfast by the pool. You could tell the weekend was near there were more people at the resort and at breakfast then there have been all week. Talked to a couple from California that have been traveling around Florida for the past month. They were music fans so we talked about a few concerts that we had all seen.

After breakfast we packed up the car and started the check out process. We were on the road by 11 and heading to Ft. Lauderdale. We had a few stops to make on the way to the airport and I didn’t want to spend the morning at the pool for fear Carolyn wouldn’t be able to pry me off the lounge to go home.

We made good time up Rt 1 north to Key Largo where we stopped at the Sandle Warehouse to get a few things for ourselves.

After that stop we headed for the main land and the airport. We got there a good 6 hours before our flight and they wouldn’t let us move to the earlier flight. So it was hang out in the terminal till 7:20 bording time.

So I am back in NJ now….

The flight home was uneventful and peaceful and am liking the damp 58 degree NJ we have come back to.

This was a great vacation of just relaxing and enjoying the Keys. I think we will be coming back here again next year. The airline and car rental were great. The hotel was great and better then I expected. Look for the a review of the hotel in a few days. So it’s back to the grind on Monday…

The one thing I found out is that I am on “Island Time” all the time…Carolyn thinks I could do real well in the Keys…to tell the truth if I had the money to get a house in the Keys and could find a good paying job I would move the family down to the Keys in a heart beet, but I think I will wait till Avery has gone to collage.