June couldn’t come to an end soon enough for the Bilancio family at Puritan Ave

So June started out ok I got to see a Nascar race at Pocono Speedway (yes I am a Nascar fan) on the first weekend. Then it just went down hill from there. Carolyn got an infection in her foot from a blister and had to admitted to the hospital for 4 days so they could pump her full of antibiotics and to get her blood sugar numbers under control. She was put on insulin to keep her numbers down so that didn’t make us happy since her doctors were trying to control her diabetes with oral meds. Now she has to go see a Podiatrist about her foot, an Endocrinologists for her diabetes and be on a ton of meds. She isn’t happy about any of this. I am trying to keep her spirits up, but I don’t think I am doing a good job. I am not very good at comforting people….hey if you have been reading this journal or grew up with me you already know this.

Last weekend was the Arora company picnic and of course it rained (don’t get me started about the weather this June) and my dad’s cousin Angelo was the clown. He told me that Uncle Bob (Robert Immordino) was in the hospital,but with all the things going on that I had to cordinate at the picnic, it completely fell out of my head. So I had totally forgotten about it till my mom called last night to find out if I had any information. From what info I got from here, he isn’t doing that well and they are at the stage of just making him “comfortable”. Uncle Bob for those of you who don’t know my family is the oldest living member at this time. He has been a big supporter of La Vigna. The circulation department (me) have butted heads with him a few times but nothing to get to bent about. He was the “Lawrence Township Historian” for many years. He came up with some great ideas to get the word out about Italian-American history and is a true historian.

The great part of June is, Avery finished school on Monday for the summer and she is already sleeping late and trying to enjoy the summer. She did ok on her finals and most of all her final grades were in the 90s. She starts driving in July with her 6 hour mandatory driving lessons, she then gets her permit and then the “can I drive?, can I drive?, can I drive?” mantra will start when ever we leave the house. I really can’t wait for her to get her license next year even though the insurance will go up, but a person who can drive herself to dance and other activities makes dad happy (because we all know this journal is all about me). I am happy that her grades are great and I don’t have to hold the license up as a reward for her to do better in school, like my parents did. So now that she is going to be a Junior in high school, the hunt for college will be on as well as getting the funding to send her there….

So I am praying that June ends without a funeral and that my wife gets better sooner then later and we can have a happy relaxing summer. July is usually the month of William with my birthday, and all my family starting to invade NJ in July for vacation and thefamily picnic, but it’s looking like the month of William won’t be happening this year again as planed. The family picnic will have a cloud over it this year with Uncle Bob in the hospital, but I am going to try to make it a great time for all and try to come up with things to make people forget the downers of life and enjoy the love of family and the high points of life at this years picnic.

Hey at least the weather has to be better in July then it was in June………Right?