July starting out with a bang and now already going down hill

4th of July weekend started with a bang. We held our party on Friday night and had a blast. The food was great and the guests had a blast of a time.

Now the month that started high is already heading down the hill. Carolyn had to have a bone scan this morning to see if the infection that she had in her foot went into the bone…..well the Podiatrist just called her and informed her that she did have an infection in the bone and will have to go back on intravenous antibiotics. So if they can’t do this as an out patient procedure she will have to stay in the hospital. We are just not getting any breaks on this whole medical thing. I feel for her because going to the hospital sucks and she is just about at her last nerve with the whole diabetes and infection thing.

I wish there was something I could do to make it all go away. So hopefully things will get better for the month of William because right now it pretty much sucks.

So send Carolyn a lot of good karma and prayers her way, she really needs them to keep her spirits up and to get her better.