Carolyn Update

Yesterday Carolyn had an appointment with another doctor. This time an infectious disease doctor to take a look at her foot and determine the course of action to take about the bone infection. She told us though that she can’t do anything about it for 2 weeks. The reason for this is that Carolyn has been on antibiotics for 4 weeks and any test that are done on the bone infection will be masked and they won’t know what kind of infection it is.

So after 2 weeks Carolyn has to go to another Podiatrist to have a biopsy on the bone and then the culture will be sent to the infectious disease doctor and then she will determine the course of intravenous antibiotics to prescribe. The good news is that they will be doing this on an out patient bases so she will be doing the intravenous stuff at home and not in the hospital.

So that’s what’s going on here in at the Bilancio house hold. Avery does her driving thing next week so by picnic week she will be driving us nuts wanting to drive. Thank goodness I have a manual transmision and she won’t be learning that for a while. 😉