Today in Bilancio History 1


Photos by William Bilancio

On March 11th, 1993 – 24 years ago at this time I was sitting in the hospital with Carolyn waiting for the birth of our child (we didn’t know the sex of the baby yet) at the original Princeton Hospital in Princeton NJ.

For us, the day started around 3 am* with Carolyn waking me up to tell me her water broke and that the baby was going to be arriving a lot earlier than we expected.  We had just finished the Lamaze class two nights before and gotten the tour of the hospital, so we were ready for this, we both figured we would have a bouncing baby something by lunch…..  We called the doctor, and he told us not to head to the hospital till 7 am if the labor pains were still far apart. Forget going back to sleep at this point, so I started to wandering around the 70 Cleveland Lane house and came across my godmother taking care of her dog who wasn’t doing well that night, the look of surprise on her face when I told her that Carolyn’s water had broken and we would be having the baby today.

We headed to the hospital at 7 am and were admitted in our private birthing room by 7:30 am and the wait started.  By 11 am we realized that this little bundle of joy wasn’t going to be coming out anytime soon, the day wore on, and we went trough two shifts of nurses and doctors.  Carolyn’s doctor had been stopping by throughout the day to check on her and see her progress.  Around 7 pm he informed us it was getting close to time and be ready to start pushing and breathing.  So the nurses started prepping Carolyn for the final parts of birthing a baby and then the journey started.  After about an hour and 45 min of screaming and pushing and breathing out came a cute, small bundle of girl on March 11, 1993, @ 8:45 pm in time for us to watch Cheers.  Avery was rushed off to the nursery and Carolyn was taken care of and moved to her room.  I headed to the nursery, and there was my godmother looking at the baby through the window, and she turned to me and said she is beautiful and is going to be a great person and do great things…..

All through the day, we kept talking about a name, and we still hadn’t come up with a name at this point, so we decided to take the night and the next day to come up with a name.  It came down to Avery because we both loved the show Murph Brown and she had named her TV baby Avery, and it stuck with us…so Avery it was.

That day was one of the most special days for me, and I am so proud of my daughter who has turned into such a wonderful woman who is just starting on the journey of her adult life and is going to do great things, just like my godmother said.

To celebrate this great night after I left the hospital, I headed to Hoagie Haven and got myself two large cheese steaks with everything one for dinner and one for breakfast.  So today I am going to be on the hunt for a decent cheese steak in the Corning area to celebrate my daughters birthday!

Happy Birthday, Avery…I love and miss you so much!


Photos by William Bilancio

  • All times are an approximation except for the birth time. (Hey it’s been 24 years and I didn’t take any notes during the day 🙂 )

I Finally Cleaned my Home Office Today…..

I finally cleaned my home office today. It was a total mess.  People just throw there own stuff in there when they are done using it or company was coming over.  There was so much junk in the closet that the plastic guides on the floor snapped and the doors were bulging out.  But now I have cleaned and organized and thrown out all the junk and can now see the floor. 

The desk was another story…I found 3 years of tax returns sitting there with a years worth of junk mail in between each year.  But I got most of the desk cleaned as well. 🙂  So we will see if I can keep the office clean through  the holidays and beyond. 🙂  Here are some photos of the office before and after can be found here.

Now to the people who feel they should call me at 6:17 in the morning….

To the people in the world that read this site and feel they should call the main number at the house before 7am. If you want to get me that early call me on my cell!!! Here is the short schedule of my morning.

5:30ish – Get Up
5:40ish – Take shower – can’t answer any phone
5:45 – Getting dressed – Won’t answer the phone
5:50 – 6:20 – Take dog for walk and play fetch – I do have my cell with me so call that.
6:20 – 6:30 – Get stuff ready for work and get dog back in crate
6:30 – off to quick-check to get coffee
6:40 – arrive at work

So unless you want me to get yelled at by my wife and daughter because the phone rang and woke them up please call the main number between 5:30 and 7am. 😉 Now if it’s emergency that’s ok. Just keep calling we will answer if you just keep making the phone ring 🙂

Well I now can check a different box when I fill out forms

Well on this day in 1967 a small boy was born in Marion, Virgina. Yes that would be me. 🙂 I turn 40 today…and you know it doesn’t feel that much different then being 39. I still woke up feeling like crap and not wanting to get up…but I did and am very happy I did. I was able to open my e-mail this morning and finding a whole bunch of Happy Birthday messages..of course they were from Borders, Toyota, and Alumni.net. So at least I know that the places I spend money and interne sites I have signed up for still love me. 🙂

So Happy Birthday to me…and to all the other people who have a birthday on July 19th.

To all sysadmins in the PA/NJ/DE/NY/CT area..

If your boss won’t send you to Usenix/LISA because it is too expensive…

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Registration fees are under $1,000 per participant, and LOPSA offers
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Register soon!

Stuck in the house…and no dog to play with

On Thursday morning I took Karma out for a long walk since I was taking the day off and head to NYC to check out the 7-11 that had been turned into a Kwik-E-Mart. I was going to get a squishie and a buzz cola and what other Simpson stuff the had. But on our walk Karma and I got tangled up running across the street and I fell and renched my back. I have been laid up in bed and in the house since Thursday. After the first day I realized that Karma was going to drive Carolyn and Avery insane so I called Karen over at Goosebusters and see volunteered to take him while I was laid up. I really appreciated it since I can’t stand up straight and get around real well. It also looks like I won’t be heading back to work on Monday…I am hoping to be able to go back on Tuesday.

This has been a real bummer…since I have been losing weight I haven’t had any back problems in about 4 years. I hate when this happens it seems like have this happen when I want to do things. My uncle and cousins were in town till Sat morning and I only got to see them on the 4th of July for about 2 hours. His oldest was supposed to go to the city with Avery and I on Thursday and then I was going to spend some time with my uncle on Friday night, but I couldn’t even get out of bed. I won’t even be able to go to the shore to see them since I am missing work for the next few days.

I am missing the dog more then I realized when I finally made it down stairs yesterday and he wasn’t lieing at the bottom of the stairs waiting for me.

Well that’s all I got for now…think healing thoughts for me. 🙂

This is my off year but I feel I should discuss colonoscopys with you……

I haven’t written in a long time. I have been busy with work aqnd the
stuff around the house and with the dog. I was looking for information
today on the big Internet on something and came across this great
review on a Colonoscopy. I am required to get one every 2 years because
colon cancer runs in my family on my mothers side. , but this is my
year off. I only go on even years. I had my first one in 1986 right
after graduating from high school…like the next day. Back then they
didn’t knock you out and it was not a pleasent experiance so I vowed
never to get another one. Well when I turned 37 I decided it was tme to
go again so I geared up for the unpleseantness of it, but now it’s like
taking a nap and waking up and not knowing anything happend. The prep
the day before is still a pain in the ass (no pun intended) but once
you get through that and finally get into the surgical center it is a
piece of cake. So for the PSA part of this post get out there and get a
colonoscopy to make sure all is good with your colon and go read this
review of this guys colonoscopy…it’s very simple these days and pain free.

What a week/month

Well this week has been a traumatic one in so many ways. The shooting at Virgina Tech, I have friends down there as well as family in the area.

Then Don Imus was fired last week…I use to skip class when I was in college to hang out at the radio station I worked for to listen to him on the satellite feed between news casts. It was cool because during the comers breaks they would just leave the mic open and you would hear Imus conversations with the rest of the crew it was fun. I think the whole Don Imus fiasco was blown out of proportion, but that was just me.

Then today I found out a program director I worked for in Corning Dave Abby died from brain cancer last month. He was only 54. He was a good guy who cared about his announcers and the station.

The weather in this area was horrible this week. We had a nor’east come through here on Sunday and Monday that caused a ton of flooding. My basement took on about 4 inches of water. Thanks to Smed and Ed for
coming over and helping me bail out the basement. But the weather has cleared up and it looks like spring may be here for good now. I need a few weeks of dry weather so the water table can go down some in the back yard and the standing water can go away…even though the dog likes to play in it.

How to Eat Dinner in Princeton NJ

Step 1: Very slowly and carefully, leave Princeton.

I was looking up info on a restaurant that a friend of mine recomended and stumbled on to the “How to Eat Dinner in Princeton” page.  It was written by an Assistant Professor of Mathematics that use to work at Princeton U.  The listing of restaruants to try is perfect and he even got DeLorenzo’s Tomato Pie in Trenton on the list. So if you are going
to go out to dinner in the Princeton area check out the How to Eat Dinner in Princeton NJ page.

Well another Thanksgiving has come and gone. This year we had a few people
in for a great meal. I think this was the most low stress one I have
had yet. The turkey came out perfect..I cooked it on the grill this
year so it freed up the oven so I could cook the stuffing and a great
sweet potato casserole that came out so well. So that was
Thanksgiving… 😉

Let the Christmas craziness begin…

We all stayed away from the malls and stores yesterday…Carolyn and
I headed to an early showing of then new James Bond movie – Casino Royal. It was great and there was no crowd. 🙂

I have jury duty next week, I don’t have to report Monday morning
but have to call in around 11:30am to see if I have to report in for
the afternoon session. I hope I get called in on Monday and get
rejected or not used so I can have the rest of the week to get ready
for the LISA conference in Washington DC the first week in December.