Daily Archives: December 26, 2000

What A Christmas….

Christmas was a great success. Avery and Carolyn were very happy with there gifts. Carolyn was surprised with the diamond necklace. Carolyn got the Cool-It Personal Fridge for me, but forgot to get the A/C adapter. I ordered it on Monday and hoping it will be here before the end of the week so I can bring it in before the new year. I will be posting a picture of it in my cube and sending one to Thinkgeek.com for the Cool-It Personal Fridge page. Charlotte told Carolyn that Cuthbert and she had a great time at the house with us for Christmas. It was the best Christmas we have all had together. I think it was because Cuthbert is well and enjoying where he is living now.

Working on getting the DNS server up and running for work so I can get the mail server moved in house and off our crappy ISP. Hope to have it running by Friday and then I can get the mail server up and running by the middle of January.

Planning on spending the night at home with a sick Carolyn and playing with Avery.