Daily Archives: June 28, 2002

Sleep good and I need more of it

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Today we mourn the death of one of the great basses of all time John Entwistle of The Who. He will be missed.

Last night we had a good storm that cooled everything down. So that meant no air conditioning in the bedroom. It was the best night sleep I had all week. I even over slept this morning. Thank goodness the cat started playing in the bedroom and woke me up.

Worst visit to the NY office I have had yet. The firewall box took a hit in route with Fed-Ex, so I had to get that put back together and working. Once I got it working and connected to the router. I could ping both sides of the router, but when I try to ping the name server no joy. The DSL line was down 2 days after the install. At least my install engineer at UUNET is cool and got right onto the problem. Now if I can only keep him past the 30 days for all the problems I know I am going to have with this DSL.. I hate the telecom situation in NY city.

Now Verizon has to come out and take a look because UUNET and Rhythms couldn’t even see the router but I had a green ready light.

Just plan to finish up the jabber server today and design a quick web page for it.

Jabber up and Running Yea

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Woo hoo got the Jabber server running and working. now I just have to slap together a quick web page explaining how to do things. Hope to get most of the family using it.

Plane on working on the Lavignaonline.com site this weekend after I redo the laptop again, this time with Mandrake 8.* .

BTW the DSL in New York is back up. I am planing on going back up on Monday for a hour or so just to get things working and back to normal. More later….