Daily Archives: July 3, 2002

I’m going to melt in this heat but I love it…

08:10am Currently 81F Feels like 87F
Wow can you say fry an egg on the pavement hot.

Spent most of the morning Monday at the NY office. Got most of there problems fixed. Then spent yesterday working around the office getting little projects done.

Monday night had to sleep in Avery’s room because the electric socket her AC plugs into died. Dean thinks the wire broke, so we are going to run a new one down to the basement instead of up to the attic. It is just to hot up there.

Spent a few hours last night back at work getting the web tracking software working again for the owner.

Going to spend the 4th of July just working around the house. It’s going to be to hot to do anything out side. I just hope it’s a little cooler on Sunday for the Gov’t Mule concert at the Stone Pony.

Have some DNS work to do to day so I will work on the most of the morning.

Still Hot

15:00 Currently 95F Feels like 102F

Spent most of the day working on Nettracker for the owner of the company. Had to wipe out all the data so it would start pulling the right names of the users.

Dropped Carolyn and Avery off at the mall so they could get some exercise in the AC. They were getting stir crazy.

Probable going to throw the Blade Runner DVD in that I got the other day from Netflix while I re due the firewall. I want to get a 2.4.x kernel on it so I can use IPTABLES instead of IPCHAINS. That should only take most of the night.