Daily Archives: February 25, 2003

The snow is still around but now you can add tons of rain over the weekend. I was informed yesterday afternoon from Carolyn that there was water in the basement. It took 2 full wet/ dry vacs to get it all up. I think we got the water in because of the combination of tons of melting snow and rain. We have had a ton of rain in the past and not gotten any water in the basement so I am not to worried.

Finally go the new BIG cube this week. All the books have been moved out and it’s ready for me to move in. I am waiting for the spools of Cat5 and the outlets to arrive so I can wire the cube since it wasn’t wired when Arora moved into the building. Hopefully will arrive tomorrow so I can do the wiring either Friday or Saturday night. Then I have to figure out the layout. I have a good amount of space (12’x13′), I am hoping to split the cube in half. Half for the desk area and the other half for storage and work area.

Played D&D at Nat and Del’s last night. My character No got the crap kicked out of him again by the rat guys. I just wasn’t rolling good dice last night. I did make it to 2nd level so I hope it allows me to get some better skills. When we were finished the campaign had us on a ship sailing for who knows where.

Well that’s a quick run down on life in my land more later this week I hope.