Daily Archives: April 11, 2003

Nice quiet night

Wow the conference went well Avery did better this semester compared to the last one. It seems to be a nice quiet evening of just sitting around and watching a little TV.

Got my cousin Ira set up with a little spot on the INTERNET. Stop by and say hi. His spot is at www.bilancio.net/~iratech.

I just got this link e-mailed to me. I think work some of these people. Give Computer Stupidities a read and get a good laugh.

I am done….

Happy dance time…I have finished the Harrisburg server, got the trust all done and got all the access rights taken care of. I love it when a plan comes together. I can now take the rest of the day in easy mode.

Wow Friday already

Wow can’t believe it’s Friday already. I can’t wait till the end of the day. I need a nice quiet weekend. Think I will get back to work on the office at home. At least get the location of the new electric outlets and the Cat5 figured out and hopefully get the wires dropped down from the attic.

One of the guys picked up the server for Harrisburg last night. I broke down and wiped Linux off and put NT 4.0 on because I just didn’t have the time to keep beating on the samba server part of it. I hope to have it all done before lunch today and have the 2 users in that office running off of that server.

Bosses laptop came in yesterday. Nice piece of equipment, a Dell Inspirion 8500. Light, big screen and fast. It has everything from firewire to USB 2.0. Wish I could get one just to test with Linux. From what I found on the web all stuff is supported right down to the onboard wireless card.

Got Avery’s parent teacher conference today. I hope all goes well and that she brought her grades up from last marking period. So I won’t be around much this afternoon.