Daily Archives: June 10, 2003

Will the supreme dude

I am now “Will the supreme dude”. That is the way I am listed on Engel’s new web site/weblog. So hey welcome to the web Engel and hey I add you to the friends list. His new domain is daggurl.com, most of us are trying to figure out what it stands for. So Engel let us know.

Been working on getting the Win2k/XP roll out plans. I set up a win2K server and still can’t figure out how to get Active Directory working. I loaded XP on my machine at work and took most of the day getting it to the way I like it. Noticed that the connection to the SAMBA server keeps dropping off from XP. So I will try to get that working probably just need to upgrade the SAMBA software. I will post what I had to do when I get it figured out.

Weather has been great the last 2 days but I know that it’s going to rain on the weekend I just know it.

More on the win2k/XP stuff later.