Daily Archives: June 12, 2003

A look at the NJ turnpike by an outsider

I have been spending a lot of time hanging out with Engel and when she is in town his wife Iambe lately. The other day Engel and I bought his first domain name and got it set up on zoneedit.com.

Now he and Iambe have there own weblog. So the other day wandered over to the site and read his article on driving and drivers on the NJ turnpike. It made me think enough that hey I just linked the article for the rest of you to read.

Mail client hell

I upgraded my machine at work on Tuesday to windows XP professional. I have finally gotten all the programs I need to survive. We use Eudora here as our corporate E-Mail client. When I was still running Win98 I used Outlook express for my personal mail. When I upgraded the OS I also upgraded Outlook and let me tell you it sucked. I know it sucked before but now it really sucks.

I use IMAP so I can have all the same folders no matter where I set up shop. I also have all my sent mail in one place if I need it. Now Outlook won’t let me set the remote folder as my sent folder. and there are many other problems I won’t even mention.

So my question to you who read here other then Eudora and the Outlook family what else is out there that is good and robust.