Daily Archives: November 24, 2003

Thanksgiving coming

Well Thanksgiving is right down the road. I have ordered the turkey and started getting the house ready. I spent most of the weekend getting the MAME cabinet up and running. I ordered an Arcade monitor but just didn’t have time to get it working. I put the Sony monitor back in and got most of the games working with it. After the Holiday I will just throw a motherboard and drive together and get the monitor working with that. Then just swap it all out into the cabinet.

Carolyn’s dad is still in the hospital but they are hoping to send him back to Langhorn Garden this week. So far the normal suspects are going to be over for Thanksgiving dinner. And then it will be time to start planing Christmas dinner for my folks and Charollet and Nat and Del. At least Thanksgiving the menu is really all ready planed out for ya…Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and Cranberry sauce plus other vegetables. Well work calls.