Daily Archives: March 18, 2004

A few new web sites that I have going….

Well in the last 6 months I have managed to get a 2 web sites done and running. The first one was for my Linux users group LUG/IP. This one took the longest because I did it all from scratch and by hand. But I am happy with the result. Also in the process we got the group incorporated as a non-profit and are just waiting for the letter from the IRS.

The second site was done more out of frustration. I set up a site from my high school alumni. Now I know you are thinking but, William you can just go to classmates.com and do that. Yes I could but I didn’t want to keep paying a yearly subscription for it. So I found another persons web site that did the same thing and had written some software to make the web site automatically. I tweaked it a little and added a message board. So take a look at it and if you are a Haverling High School Alumni put in you info so others from Haverling can get in touch with you the address is www.haverling.org.