Daily Archives: October 8, 2004

A Free iPod….I hope

So folks in the Blogosphere are helping other bloggers post links to get a free iPod from freeipods.com. I hesitated signing up for it for a long time but a friend of mine just got notice from them that his iPod has shipped. So, I have also signed up and encourage others to do so as well!

If you can get FIVE people to complete ONE offer (offers include BMG Music, Columbia House DVD, Blockbuster Online, The Literary Guild, etc.) you can get a free iPod, including a 20GB iPod that holds 5000 songs! That’s a lot of songs, people.

My link is found here and if you start an account and complete an offer through that link it helps me qualify for a free iPod AND it gets you started towards getting your own! I’ve been told that some people have gotten spam emails at the email address they use, so feel free to create an email address at hotmail or yahoo specifically for spam purposes. I use my hotmail account for all online purchases and forms so that ALL spam goes there instead of my legitimate email addresses.

When you sign up it’ll ask you if you want to take advantage of tons of offers – just click NO on all of them until you get to the main page of offers and referrers. The first batch of offers are not worth your time or energy, but the page of offers on the referrer page is the “good” set of offers.

I signed up for 4 bags fo coffee from Boca Java. I am on a coffee kick and this seemed the best one for me.

For further info as to whether it’s legit or not – please see the article at Wired.com. Worst comes to worst you are stuck with 4 bags of bad coffee.