Daily Archives: May 29, 2006

Looking for a good way to share address between many mail clients.

I am looking for a way to share all my E-mail address and contact info
between many different mail clients. I use many machines and would like
to be able to have all my address and numbers in easy reach…but I
also want it to be easy to maintain and not have to jump through hoops
to make it work. So my question is what do you use to achieve this. I
will open the comments section up for this so leave me a message.

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The Puppies were born on May 16th

Well my ACD breeder got in touch with me the other day and let me know
that the puppies were born. There are pictures of mom and the 8 puppies
and 2 pics of the puppies here.
I will post more info about them when I get it. I do know she had 6
boys and 2 girls and they are expecting a good mix of reds and
BTW did I mention I am getting a dog 🙂 It’s my birthday gift to myself
and the family.