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Happy 25th Birthday Avery 1

This is the second birthday letter I have written to Avery…hope you all enjoy her birthday as much as she does this year

Dear Avery,

Today is your 25th birthday!  Where has the time gone? Here are some facts for you to think about on your birthday.  I was 25 when you were born, your grandfather was 50 (he was 25 when I was born), you have lived a quarter of a century, I have lived half a century and your grandfather has lived three-quarters of a century.

I look back on these last 25 years and have many things I regret that I did or didn’t do within your life. But it has been an interesting 25 years watching you grow and mature and becoming the woman you are; from the day you were born sleeping in the nursery at the old Princeton hospital as just a little baby new to this world, then I blinked and you were five running around the apartment on Brunswick Ave and going to school at Columbus Elementary School, then blink and you were in middle school behind 90 Eggerts Crossing and then blink again,  you were a senior in high school and then you were driving with a job to go to. Then all of a sudden I watched you get your college diploma last year. In between all that you were doing dancing and I was always so proud of you every time you were on that stage and each and every time I got choked up because you were growing up just to fast for this dad.

I love you Avery and I am so happy that you were put into my life 25 years ago and from one Bilancio to another, you are doing a great job being a great Bilancio and a great person.