Supermarket Update

This is a quick follow up on my post about looking for a new supermarket. We checked out about 3 other supermarkets in the area. The Shop Rite on Pennington Circle, the Stop & Shop and the Shop Rite on Olden Ave.

The Shop Rite on the circle was small but had a good produce and meat section, but it was a little dirty. The Shop Rite on Olden Ave was big and way to busy. The main problem with this store was that people would come to a complete stop in the middle of the aisles and have conversation with firends ad I guess family and disregard anyone trying to get by.

The Stop & Shop is the final place we tried and have picked it as the new supermarket of the Bilancio family. It’s clean the prices are better then Acme and it seems no one ever goes there. 🙂 Carolyn and I have been there at different times and there has never been a crowed…we get through shopping much faster then at Acme and the prices are much less. The produce section is good and the meat department has had the cuts I have needed and wanted for the things I am cooking.

I am always interested in other places to buy food in the Lawrence Township area so if you have a favorite place let me know.