Gov’t Mule has returned

Just got back from a long night hearing Gov’t Mule rock the Electric Factory in Philly. It was the opening show of the current tour. The first set was the whole Dose album in order. It rocked. The second set was just as fabulous.

The new line up is great. Finally having a permenete bass player is going to only make this band get better. Andy Hess as the new bass player was the best bet. When I saw Mule at The Stone Pony I knew he was the pick. He is so versatile and fits right in. I just hope he starts coming out of the box he has built with the monitor speakers and actually turns and faces the crowed and interacts with them a little more.
What about Danny playing trumpet on “John the Revelator” it was great. And Chris Robinson has a great voice and the version they did of Sometimes Salvation was great.

A good show, can’t wait to see them on there Beacon run at the end of December.

1st Set:
Blind Man In The Dark,
Thorazine Shuffle,
Thelonius Beck,
Game Face,
Towering Fool,
Birth Of The Mule,
John The Revelator (1),
She Said She Said,
Larger Than Life,
Raven Black Night,
I Know You Rider (2,3),
Sometimes Salvation (4)

2nd Set:
Bad Little Doggie,
Trouble Every Day (3),
Monkey Hill > I Want You (She’s So Heavy) (3),
32-20 Blues (5) > Drums > Tomorrow Never Knows jam,
Mule (5) > Superstition (6) > Mule

Young Man Blues (7) > Good Morning Little Schoolgirl (8) > Young Man Blues

Setlist Notes:
(1) Danny on trumpet and keys;
(2) Chris Robinson on acoustic guitar and vocals, Paul Stacey on guitar;
(3) First time played;
(4) Chris and Warren vocals, Paul guitar;
(5) contains Loser tease;
(6) contains Don’t Call Me Nigger, Whitey tease;
(7) contains Out on the Tiles, Power of Soul, Thick As A Brick and 21st Century Schizoid Man teases;
(8) contains Hocus Pocus and other teases