Visiting family rocks….

Spent the day on the road. The car as full with parents and children for the quick hop to Baltimore, MD area to see my cousin Alice. Of course with traffic it took a little longer then the normal 2 hours but it was ok.

We got there to the warm imbrase of Family. Most of the Merchent clan was there which always is a great thing.

Alice’s husband John had a great selection of beer…I deffinently trid to help put a dent into it. He also showed me his Big Green Egg. I am going to look into getting one of these smokers….

Dinner was a soul food delight. Colard greens, Blackeyed peas, Ham, a good great spinache and rice dish, a cabbage and peas salad the Beth made, and an Oyster cassarole. Dessert was a carrot cake, pecan pie that Al made.

It was great to see Alice and John who I hadn’t seen since a few family events back in the 90’s. It is always great to Al and his wife Cindy and family. I was also happy to see Beth before she went back to Moldovia….

Mom took some pictures and they are in the gallery.