Just a lazy day

Spent most of the day just lazing around the house yesterday. Carolyn was out with her sister dealing with there fathers affairs. Did get the digital camera talking with the laptop yesterday.

Spending the morning today at work loading Fedora on the laptop, needed to take a look at it to see if it will be able to be used at work. The install seems pretty good. They have gotten it to do a graphical install over FTP instead of just a text one.

Now for my cousin Alice non-technical stuff:

I got a great supply of spices from her and her husband John. Now I will have to start cooking allot more just to use them. I also blame John for getting me hooked on micro brew and higher class beers again.

well that’s it for now…

Oh yea…Gov’t Mule starts there 3 night run at the Beacon in NYC. I will be there tonight with Henry. I don’t know where our seats are but keep and eye out for us and stop to say hi.