Office move, Server Crash and life

I am alive and kicking. Just been real busy getting the serve back up and running. I am about 99% done with it. I still have to finish the site. I lost the database for that one so I have decided to move it from postnuke to Movable type. No one was using any of the features except the photo gallery and back issues of the family news paper. So I moved them over and will be getting the site up either today or tomorrow.

In between all this I had to get the Harrisburg office moved into a bigger facility. I spent all day Sunday and most of the day Monday getting it done. They have everything but a connection to the Internet. I had to order a T-1 because verizon lied to the local carrier out there and then told them the day before the move that they couldn’t provide DSL because the switch wasn’t provisioned for it.

Other then that all things are going well. Once the Harrisburg thing is done I will be moving onto the XP roll out for the company and then the Server 2003 roll out after that.

Carolyn and I have also started the South Beach Diet. I am in need of losing at least 40 Lbs. I studied a bunch of the current diets. The South Beach one to me looks like the best one because it gets you eating right and doesn’t make you count calories or anything. Just really stay off the starchy foods and limit your sugar intake. We are currently in the middle of phase 1 and I am feeling a whole lot better. I have stopped drinking coke-colla for awhile so I hope that I can lose my 40 lbs.