Been a while

The machine got built and it is a sweet machine. I had to move it to the closet for the evening since yesterday was my daughters birthday and we had people over for Chinese food.

Today I get to go to a seminar on “Emergency Planning and Security for Businesses”.

The Mercer County Sheriff’s Office will join with the college in offering “Business Security Starts at the Front Door.” Participants will look at issues involving their physical plant, investigate alert and alarm systems and their costs, and review their plan of action, taking note of response times, training and practice. Human factors such as staff backgrounds and liabilities will be addressed, along with issues such as workplace violence, alcohol and drug counseling, and confidentiality.

I will give a brief report on it later this weekend.

All is well otherwise, should be a nice weekend working on the office space. Hopefully, I will get it painted and ready for the flooring to be laid.

Gotta run.