It’s 5 O’Clock Somewhere….

Wow….that is all I can really say. I haven’t been to a Jimmy Buffett concert before and it’s an event that is very close to a Grateful Dead show. I was finally able to get tickets this year and made a surprise gift for my wife and daughter at Easter. Well, last night was the night and we all had a blast. We hit the road around 4 pm after work and were in Camden by 4:45. We were late, the party had started already. The main parking lots were packed with Parrot-heads and they were partying.

We saw and smelled tons of good food and heard a lot of blenders running and making what I hope were some great margaritas. We had a great time just watching people. There is really no real difference between a deadhead and a parrot-head except that a deadhead is a little less groomed than your normal parrot-head. No smellies at a Jimmy show…

We got in line about a half-hour before the gates opened and made some quick friends in line and had some good conversation. It’s interesting how much more attention you get when you bring your 11-year-old daughter with you, all the woman in line keep an eye on here and make sure she doesn’t disappear. The gates opened around 7 pm and the mad rush of all the lawn seat people started. Compare it to the running of the bulls. We lost a lot of the people we were talking to in line and ended up about midway up the hill dead center of the stage. We were surrounded by true parrot-heads. We had a blast watching them..they know how to party…

The show kicked off about 8:20 with Jimmy coming out solo and doing a few songs then the Coral Refers hit the stage with him and the party kicked into high gear. He took a very short break at 9:30 and then came out and played to 11:30.

The highlights of the show music wise for me were, of course, Margaritaville, Fins, and Son of a Sailor, but the big surprise for all of the attending Deadheads was a cover of Scarlet Begonias it made my heart swell and put me on a definite different plane of fun. He finished off the show with a 3 song encore ending with an acoustic version of “Pirate Looks At Forty”.

Overall it was a great show. Avery was disappointed that he didn’t play “Fruitcakes” and I was hoping for “Tin Cup Chalice”, but other than that the show was great. The crowd was excellent and well behaved and in a party mood. The one thing that surprised me was the lack of pot being smoked. There was none at all I didn’t smell any at all. I guess I have been going to too many jam band shows…

As we were walking back to the car my wife and daughter informed me that we have to go next year. So all you parrot-heads see you there next year…..

Here is the setlist:


Banana Boat Song

01 Changes In Latitudes, Changes In Attitudes with the original Coral Reefer Band
02 Great Filling Station Holdup with Mac
03 Pencil Thin Mustache starts with Robert and Ralph joining in and finally the whole band
04 Only Time Will Tell
05 License To Chill
06 Carnival World
07 Son of a Son of a Sailor
08 If The Phone Doesn’t Ring It’s Me
09 Brown Eyed Girl
10 Volcano
11 Why Don’t We Get Drunk Purple Rain psychedelic style
12 Hey Good Looking
13 One Particular Harbour


14 Smart Woman (In a Real Short Skirt)
15 The Pascagoula Run
16 Jamaica Mistaica
17 Come Monday
18 Grapefruit-Juicy Fruit
19 Jolly Mon
20 It’s Five O’clock Somewhere
21 Cheeseburger in Paradise
22 Coast of Carolina
23 Cuban Crime of Passion
24 Southern Cross
25 Scarlet Begonias
26 Margaritaville

First Encore:
27 Fins
28 We Are the People Our Parents Warned Us About

Band Intros

Second Encore:
29 A Pirate Looks at Forty