Picnic Week – Thursday- We Have Sun

Weather: 69, 90% Humidity and SUNNY
Well the sun is out this morning, I got to sleep late and take a quick shower. Now I am ready to go and face the day. Dean and I will be putting the sound system in and getting the last of the speakers in and get some music going.

I got the art work for the banners done and the “pin the grape on the vine” printed last night so I am done with that stuff. Hit Rita’s Water Ice at like 3 min to 10 right before they closed, my neighbor was working so she gave me here free quart of ice that she gets every night. She is a good kid and hope that she gets some good karma out of it.

Well off to picnic central…….more later…..

Pour me somethin’ tall and strong
Make it a hurricane before I go insane
It’s only half past twelve but I don’t care
It’s 5 O’clock somewhere

This lunch break is gonna take all afternoon
half the night
Tomorrow morning I know they’ll be hell to pay
Hey, but that’s alright

I ain’t had a day off now in over a year
My Jamican vacation’s gonna start right here
Get the phones for me
You can tell ’em I just sailed away