Labor Day Crab Fest

The day may have been cloudy and windy, but we all had a great time.  The crabs were picked up around 1:30 and the party grill was fired up at 2 and the first 3 crabs escaped from the bushel at 2:15. Those little guys should have stayed in the bushel because my sister-in-law said if you have to catch them then throw them in a pot inside and cook them. So that’s what I did, she and Avery cleaned and ate them right away. I fired up the big pot out side for the rest of them and cooked about 8 dozen crabs in 2 hours. Avery was the record holder…15 crabs cleaned and eaten. She became the teacher to those who had never eaten crabs before. I am very proud. We also had the other normal food, burgers, hot dogs, ribs and salads. The party ended about midnight when the last of the crew headed home and I tried to get most thing cleaned up and put away before I crashed out around 1.