Busy busy and more busy and now throw in a trip to Cleavland in a few weeks….

Spent the last few weeks trying to get ready for the winter and my trip to Cleveland (more on that in a bit). For the last few weekends, I have been into work either getting the “Big Cube” cleaned or working converting a few machines from 98 to XP. I have been to NYC a few times. Twice to the new office space and a third to get the tape backup installed on the NYC server. It looks like I will be going to NYC a lot between now and the trip. We are moving the office from mid-town down to the financial district. From the new office suite, we can look right down into the World Trade Centers hole. It will be interesting watching them convert it into the park. I have taken the Path train from Newark to the WTC site now 2 times not a bad way to get into the city. I will miss Penn Station.

Now the trip to Cleveland…

My dad is going to be having a valve replacement on his heart. He has had a defective valve since he was in the Air Force and it’s finally time to have it replaced. Now those of you who know me, know that my parents live in Bath, NY nowhere near Cleveland. I really wanted him to have the surgery here in the Philadelphia but my mom and dad’s doctor both shot that down and pushed for the Cleveland Clinic. Mainly because of the “U.S.News & World Report names The Cleveland Clinic one of the nation’s top four hospitals in its annual “America’s Best Hospitals” survey.” It’s also one of the top hospitals for this kind of surgery from what I have heard. So please keep my dad in your thoughts and prayers.

So my Aunt Clora and I will be heading out to Cleveland on Sunday, Oct. 17th to be there for the surgery on the 18th. We both are looking at this as a fun adventure. It also gives me a chance to go to the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame the next day. We will be heading back on Wed the 20th because I have to be in NYC the 22nd for the office move.

So that’s what’s what is going on in my wold. Oh did I mention that thrown into all this is I am also going to be cleaning and fixing up the basement and re-doing the computer part of the MAME cabinet before Thanksgiving and driving Avery to dance class two nights a week…..