Been a busy mornin’

I got all the users machines moved over to DHCP this morning. Now I can start working on getting the wins server moved off of it’s current box. That should take a few hours. Spent the rest of the morning upgrading some of the mail server software. I need a break from Windows so spent the rest of the morning in my Linux environment.

Spent a few hours at Home Depot looking at kitchen flooring and cabinets and counter tops. Then went home and tried to figure out how to get what I want to fit in the room. I think I might have to remove a wall or part of it. I need to get Dean over and take a look and see if it’s possible or not. If not I have to re-figure out my layout. More on this when I get more things figured out.

Get to go out to my first client as a legal business tonight…that’s right I got all the papers filed and am now a Limited Liability Company. Shouldn’t be to bad tonight just get his modem working and fix a mouse problem…. more on this after the job is done…..