Documentation is a pain

Spent the day yesterday working on getting restarted on my network documentation. I am one of those syadmins that just hate to document anything. But lately I have been thinking about it and realized that if I got hit by a bus or had to call in some one to fix something if I am out of town or something they wouldn’t be able to do anything. I am also trying to get it done so when I finally get around to OS upgrades it will be easier to know what each server is doing and how I have it set up. So in my research of looking for the best way to proceed with the documentation I found a neat site called rate my network diagram it’s a pretty cool site. I might just up load my diagram when I have it the way I want it.

On a personal note I got squirrel mail up and running on the webmail side of things. Now I have to get it working here on the Arora webmail site.

Tonights the LUG/IP meeting so I will be busy tonight…..

Off to shut down a WINS server……..