Yes it’s been a while.

Well another month has just flown by and I am 9 days into the new one already. Between work and research on the comic book store January got a way from me. We have hired a consultant to look into the feasibility of opening a store in this area. All they do is comic/pop culture store consulting and were recommended by about 2 dozen comic shop owners I talked to from around the US. We figured it would be better to pay his price to tell us yes or no on the store then lose all our money opening a store that has no chance of making money. So I have been running around getting some of the info he needs.

Work has been busy as well. I have been working on implementing IRM to do computer/software inventory. I am also going to use it for call management and a knowledge base so I don’t get the same questions all the time. This will also let me track projects and support calls electronically instead of a ton of post-it notes all over my desk.

I set my folks up with e-mail address on the domain. Yesterday I got 4 e-mails from my mother before lunch. This is major because she has been a computer novice big time, other then a lot of typos she is picking it up pretty fast. Dad has a slight cold and decided to go to the ER in Casa Grande to get some better meds then what he could get over the counter at the drug store. They said he had no fluid in his lungs and just gave him some antibiotics.

Avery got all A’s and B’s on her report card this semester and I am very proud of her this year. She is enjoying school and is growing up fast..turning into a teenager and has the attitude to go along with it. I have signed up to chaperon her trip to NYC with her class. I hope I don’t go nuts with all those kids. I will try not embarrass her to much, well maybe a little. 🙂

So that is all the news that is fit to print here at casa bilancio…….