It’s been a long time with a lot of stuff going on….

Since becoming “Geek of the Day” I have been extremely busy with LUG/IP stuff, work, as well as a new project.

The middle of April found my LUG/IP buddies at 2 tables at the “Trenton Computer Festival” handing out the LUG/IP live CD. It was a big success we gave out about 200 CDs and signed up about 180 people to the mailing lists. Our outside table in the flea market didn’t do that well, we sold most of the stuff Chris brought to sell but there wasn’t much of a crowd. The whole TCF was a disappointment, we heard a lot of the vendors voicing their feelings that the pricing was too high for tables and that there wasn’t enough advertising for the whole show.

The rest of the month has been busy working at work on getting the office done. All the drywall has been hung and spackled. I am now waiting for the door and the window to be installed then have it painted and the floor installed. I figure I will be able to get the data cable guy in here early next week and then move the equipment in here by the second weekend of May.

On top of that, I am doing the layout of the 6th-grade yearbook for my daughter school…I haven’t gotten any of the art or pictures yet and I have to have it done by May 25th. Nothing like pressure and a deadline as well the rest of the stuff going on in life…

I am going to try and keep up a bit more on putting up more’s just been really busy this last month