Another great Gov’t Mule concert

Gov’t Mule played the Festival Pier in Philadelphia Sunday night. It was a great show a good way for me to start the summer concert season. Here is the setlist…

Set 1:
Slackjaw Jezebel
Perfect Shelter
Bad Little Doggie
Bad Man Walking
About To Rage
She Said, She Said
Tomorrow Never Knows
Jealous Kind w/Ron Holloway on Sax
Sco-Mule w/Ron Holloway on Sax

Set 2:
Maybe I`m Amazed
Thorazine Shuffle
Devil Likes It Slow w/Ron Holloway on Sax
My Oh My
32/20 Blues w/Ron Holloway on Sax

Low Spark of High Heeled Boys w/Ron Holloway on Sax

It was a great night weather-wise, once the sun went down we got a nice breeze off the river, and it kept things cooled down. Now I am still amazed at the amount of people who get so trashed at these shows. Yes I have a few beers, but not to the extent that I sit down an fall asleep during the show. I have seen more and more of this at Mule, Alman Brothers and even Phil and Friends show. Or they get so trashed that they just stumble around. We had a guy who sat down right in front of us and went right to sleep. To me that’s a wast of money. See my rant about concerts fans and the spectrum it’s at the bottom here.