Bad Uno’s Experiance at lunch

The gang went to the Uno’s at 225 Sloan Avenue Hamilton, NJ 08619 for lunch today. We got there at around 12 and didn’t get served till 12:50 pm. We only got the food because I went to complain to the manager. Who went right back to the kitchen and wasn’t back there more than 30 sec when he came out with our food. The only compensation we were offered was free dessert for each of us. They also made the mistake of leaving 4 comment cards on the table so I filed them out. Not favorably either. Then when I got back to work I shot off an E-mail to the corporate office.

Here is a copy of the E-mail:

My party of 10 arrived at the Uno’s in Hamilton, NJ between 11:45 am and 12:05 pm. We placed our order around 12:15 after our waiter took our drink orders.

We ordered the following items:

3- Uno Burgers
2- Chicken fingers
1- lunch Fish & chips
1- Soup and Salad
1- Lunch Penne pasta
2- Pizza and soups

We didn’t get our meal until 12:50 pm and that was after I went and complained to the manager. There were 4 parties around us that were seated and orders were taken after we ordered and they received their food right away.

We usually go to Uno’s at least 2 times a month for lunch. And when we have a person leaving our company we usually have the going away party at the bar of the Hamilton Uno’s. Usually, we run a $500 to $1000 drink tab at these parties. This experience is making us look into going somewhere else for lunch and taking our party business to another location.

Now before you tell me how bad Uno’s is we don’t usually have a problem with service this bad before. Actually, the food is ok and good for lunch and the bar has good beers on tap and the happy hour starts early for parties.