Happy Cinco de Mayo

is here and the weather is getting great and my wife passed her driving
test so she is now a licensed driver with a provisional Drivers
It’s been a long time coming but she is mobile now. I am very proud of
her…it was a little touch and go over the weekend as we were
practicing parallel parking, but she pulled it out on Monday at her
test and passed on the first try…so she has continued the Bilancio
streak of passing on the first shot…now if my daughter can pass on
the first shot….no pressure there kid. I think one of the better
things we did was paying for driving lessons…we used Princeton Driving School
and were very happy with them. I would recommend them. The only thing I
wasn’t happy with was the amount of time they worked on parallel
parking..not enough….

So now that Carolyn is driving I get to get my truck. I am looking at a Toyota Tacoma.
I have always wanted to get a truck and now that I own a house I need a
truck. You can’t get sheets of dry wall into a Chevy Cavaler, I am
hoping to get it in the next few weeks…then maybe I will get my fence
posts and get them in and then get the fence panels from my buddy Greg
and get the fence fixed 🙂

Work is going well. I am waiting to get the parts for the new mail server. I am going to add Hylafax
to the mix and start having all incoming faxes go threw it and cut down
on all killing of trees and use of toner…I will also make it so that
users can fax from there desks…

So that’s about all that’s going on in the world of William and
family…we are getting ready for the first party of the “Party At The
End Of World 2006 Tour” being sponsored this year by The Restaurant at
the End of the Universe.