2006 Christmas list

Ok boys and girls mom and dad here is a list of some things that would make me happy to get at Christmas….and for those who missed gettting me a birthday present (and you know who you are) I’ll take anything on the list….

  1. Grateful Dead: 2007 Wall Calendar– $10.00 – Barnes & NoblesThe official 2006 Grateful Dead Calendar showcases the band’s exotic concert venues, both current and vintage. Over 30 rarely published photos show the Dead in such fabled locales as Egypt, Red Rocks, JFK Stadium, Las Vegas, The Gorge, the Fillmore East, and others. Images feature every band member along with guest performers doing what they do best – jamming out the tunes! A wealth of album art, Grateful Dead minutiae, and memorabilia of all kinds gives fans a daily reminder of the joy of all things Dead.
  2. Doctor Who: 2007 Doctor Who Calendar – $12.95 – doctorwhostore.com – Not in stock
    yet in the USA

    Yes I know 2 calendars on the same list

  3. Doctor Who: New Series 10th Doctor (2006) Sonic Screwdriver – $24.95 – doctorwhostore.com
    The Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver from Charactor Options highly-detailed replica toy.
    – a hidden UV pen & UV light which reveals your secret writing
    – button-activated lights & ‘Sonic Screwdriver’ sound effects
    – 30 Gallifreyan printed notelets and spare standard ink nib
    – 3x AG13 batteries
  4. Maverick Remote Smoker Thermometer – ET-73 – $46.06 – Amozon.com
    Monitor internal temperature of smoked meats from 100 feet away Wireless receiver with LCD beeps and flashes when smoked meat temperature goes above your programmed temperature Monitor smoking chamber temperature. Receiver beeps and flashes if smoking chamber temperature falls out of your programmed range Count-Up & Count-Down Timer LCD of receiver has back light for use at night Receiver has belt clip and built in stand Heat-resistant food probe¬†wire can be inserted 6″ into meat Transmitter has removable wire stand that also becomes a hanger Can be used with oven or grill too 4 AAA batteries included Special smoking chamber probe wire comes with clip to attach to grill rack UPC: 0-11502-01373-3
  5. Designers Edge Clamp on or Magnetic Bar-B-Que Grill / Workbench Utility Light – $19.99 – Amazon.com

  6. Super-Fast Thermapen Instant Read Thermomieter, Blue – $85.00 – ThermoWorks
    This is the same Thermapen that we sell by the hundreds and thousands to professional chefs, caterers and food service people all over the world. In the last few years, it has also become incredibly popular among home cooking enthusiasts. Whether you need to know the temperature of barbeque, baked goods, roasting meats, poultry, steaks or candy; the unbeatable speed of the Thermapen makes it the ultimate kitchen thermometer.Cook’s Illustrated says about the Thermapen: “Our favorite instant-read thermometer insures perfectly cooked turkey every time.” In a review of instant read thermometers Cooks Illustrated rated the Thermapen as the “Best Thermometer.” The first time they reviewed an earlier version of the Thermapen. Since then we’ve added auto-shutoff and the Super-Fast, reduced-tip probe.
  7. Kitchen Cabinets – around $3000.00 – Ikea