What a week/month

Well this week has been a traumatic one in so many ways. The shooting at Virgina Tech, I have friends down there as well as family in the area.

Then Don Imus was fired last week…I use to skip class when I was in college to hang out at the radio station I worked for to listen to him on the satellite feed between news casts. It was cool because during the comers breaks they would just leave the mic open and you would hear Imus conversations with the rest of the crew it was fun. I think the whole Don Imus fiasco was blown out of proportion, but that was just me.

Then today I found out a program director I worked for in Corning Dave Abby died from brain cancer last month. He was only 54. He was a good guy who cared about his announcers and the station.

The weather in this area was horrible this week. We had a nor’east come through here on Sunday and Monday that caused a ton of flooding. My basement took on about 4 inches of water. Thanks to Smed and Ed for coming over and helping me bail out the basement. But the weather has cleared up and it looks like spring may be here for good now. I need a few weeks of dry weather so the water table can go down some in the back yard and the standing water can go away…even though the dog likes to play in it.