Is this a forshadowing of what’s to come???

Yesterday I took the day off to wait for Verizon to come to my house to install my new FIOS connection. OF course, they gave me the normal “the tech will be there between 8a and 5 pm.'” So come 7:45 AM I moved the cars out of the driveway so he could work on the wall to put the equipment in and then I hung out. I played with the dog in the back yard, I sat and played with the dog in the house. I watched TV, I also sat in the back yard and read my book. The whole time watching for a Verizon truck to stop in front of the house. Around 4:30 I thought I was going to call Verizon and see if they were over booked and were just going to bump me to the next day. I got on the phone and navigated my way through the Auto attendant from hell and got a live person whos name was John. I told him I had an order number which he took and I explained I was wondering when or if the tech was going to show up today. Well he told me to hold and he would check to see what was going on. So I listened to some really bad music on hold for about 3-5 min and John came back on and told me that the tech had been to the house but no one was home. I told him he was wrong and that no one was rang or knoked on the door. He told me there should be a note on the door….so I went to the door with the phone to look and there was no note. I even looked on my neighbors door thinking that the guy might have been knocking on the wrong door..No note. John was all I’m sorry about this and that. I asked when the tech was supposedly at my house…John was unable to tell me that. He told me someone would call me back right away and get this situation cleared up…by this time I was ready to explode…I had just wasted a vacation day and never left my property and the tech never shows up. Well I got off the phone with John and decided to wait till I got the call back…which never came…

So fast forward a few hours.. I am on my way to take the dog out for a long walk and met up with my neighbor…he had come over to see how the install had gone…I gave him the story and he started to look worried..he told me that his install for FIOS is today. I also found out that he is getting the FIOS TV as well and I was told back when I ordered FIOS that the TV wasn’t ready for my neighborhood yet. So when I got back from taking the dog for an hour hike I called the FIOS number and told them my tail and was told to call the local business office…cool I did that and got the damn auto attendant again..and finally got a nice woman who tried to help me out but the earliest date she could reschedule me for was July 30th. That I informed her was not going to work…she told me then I was going to have to call customer I asked to be transferred but was informed that their hours were 8 am to 6 pm. So I now wait till the clock strikes 8 and I am going to get this all straightened out.

So stay tuned for the next installment of the FIOS install tale…….