What is your “thing”?

I came home last night and my daughter was going on about how she didn’t have a “thing”.  I asked her what my “thing” was and she said my “thing” was computers…. Well I let that go, but it made me start thinking about my “thing”….was it really computers or something else?  Is your “thing” define by what you do or what makes you happy?  I sat up a little bit last night trying to figure out the answer to those questions…..I think it’s what makes me happy. 

So on the way to work and dropping Avery off at school I figured out that I have had many “things” so far in my life.  Computers might be my thing now but it will always be radio right to the sunset of my life that will be my true “thing”.  If I could get a radio job that pays the same amount I am making now…..but also lets me program my own music and not follow some format mandated by some person working for the man, but that’s another post. 

I explained to my daughter that it took me a long time to get my “thing” in life.  I don’t remember many people who had a “thing” when they were freshmen in high school and that eventually she will find her “thing” and that it will change as she gets older and the first “thing” might not be her “thing” later on.