WCEB-FM and a picture of me from the history of Corning Community College

So I was checking out my restaurants on Chefmoz.org and decided to do a search on the open directory project for an old radio station I use to work at and found a picture of myself on the Corning Community Collage site on there time line of great moments in CCC history. I was pictured in front of the new control board that we purchased for the student run radio station for the year 1987.

That was a good year for me in radio. I was working at a commercial radio station in Corning and running WCEB with a great group of other students. I think that the years of 1986 through 1987 were probably the best years of WCEB.

When I walked into WCEB it was very unorganized and weren’t getting any support from the record companies. After working for the station as there engineer for a while I was able to get the record companies to start sending us release albums as well as starting to report to the College Music Journal . I then got Brian Burquwist to run as general manager with me as the Program Director and of course we won. When we took over we had a control board that was limping along and a schedule that was all Heavy Metal music. We moved most of the heavy metal DJ’s to the afternoon and Brian and I took over mornings and put more non metal Dj’s on from 9 till 1. We also got a Tim Vogal a local voice over/radio announcer at the time to do a new set of legal and liner IDs. The new tag line was “WCEB-FM the new 92”. In 1987 we got the college to let us spend our whole yearly budget on a new control board. After I got the new system up and running I left CCC to pursue a new job back at WVIN-FM. The format and scheduling we set up lasted another semester before the rest of the crew we hand picked to run the station with us left or graduated from CCC. The last I heard WCEB it was running the same IDs and were all over the map with music but very heavy on the heavy rock and the announcers were very unprofessional sounding and you could tell no one was helping them become better announcers and radio personalities.

If I could run a radio station again I would love to run WCEB again. I could make it a driving force in the Corning/Elmira area with the backing of CCC as a public supported station. I would fashion the programming around the freeform radio format. So if you are a member of the board or the dean of Corning Community College I am open to an offer and willing to move back to the Corning area and get you on the map of the college radio with a good sounding and well run radio station and to help mold your communication students into better radio personnel.