The day after turkey day post mortem

Looking back at Thanksgiving 2008 I see things that need to be changed:

  1. Don’t put turkey in the smoker at 6:44 now that I know it will be done in three hours
  2. Get the house cleaned and the tables set up the night before
  3. Eat some lunch while working during the day….maybe put some other meat on the smoker for lunch while the Turkey cooks.
  4. Set the dinner time earlier then four o’clock
  5. Have all the food ready before the first guest (cousin Tim & family 🙂 ) gets to the house, this way you are only dealing with the guests food in the kitchen
  6. Set the wine and drinks up in the living room

I am sure I will think of other things later and will add them to the list. Over all the whole day was good. I was really done with my cooking about 9:30 Am since the Turkey got done so fast. The dressing could have been done sooner and just thrown back into the oven to warm.

The food others brought was great and I am Thankful that I have a great family who like to cook and of course eat. There were a ton of leftovers so we will be eating them for the next few days.

Now it’s time to figure out what we are going to do for Christmas dinner. I am thinking of having the whole crew back over for that but on a smaller scale….no Turkey.

So to those who are traveling this holiday be safe and have a great time.