I am looking at new and old technology

The New

I downloaded the Windows 7 public beta and loaded it on my Thinkpad T61. I was not a fan of Vista (the little bit I used it), but I am finding that Windows 7 is better. I have had very little issues with it. The only problem I had was installing the Checkpoint VPN client. I sent in a trouble ticket and Microsoft came back with a fix for issues with .msi files. I was able to load and run my VPN client with out a problem. Now I am looking at encrypting the hard drive with the built in Bitlock Drive Encryption. Has anyone had any issues with it and if so what.

The Old

I switched over the Bilancio.org mail accounts to Gmail apps a while ago and started using the Gmail interface for my main mail client, but I am missing some of the features of Thunderbird. Since Gmail has support for imap why shouldn’t I use Thunderbird?

I also started to use the web mail client also because it integrated the calendar so well, but with the lightning and the Provider for Google Calendar plugins I can get the same integration.

What do you use with Gmail based e-mail and why?