Drum solos at concerts….

Has the drum solo at concerts become the bathroom break of a show? I was watching a Rush concert on TV yesterday and started thinking about this question. Now don’ t get me wrong I like a good drum solo but some drummers just don’t thrill me like a certain few do. Some of my friends I talk to and go see shows with all have a different opinion on this matter. Some Deadheads love it when drums start but others just roll there eyes and head to the concession stands or take a short nap in there seats. I like a good drum solo but it has to be certain drummers. Most of the time at a Dead show it depends how many of the shows I have seen already, if it’s at the start of the tour I will watch the drums solo, but later into the tour it becomes a break from the show and hit the bar for a water.

So while I thought of this heavy question I have come up with my list of drummers I like to see do a drum solo.

  1. Matt Abts – Gov’t Mule
  2. Mickey Hart & Bill Kreutzmann – The Grateful Dead
  3. John Molo – Phil Lesh & Friends, The Other Ones, Bruce Hornsby
  4. Liberty DeVitto – Former Drummer for Billy Joel
  5. Neil Peart – Rush
  6. Butch Trucks – The Allman Brothers
  7. John Bonham – Led Zeppelin (deceased)
  8. Chester Cortez Thompson – Frank Zappa, Genesis, Phil Collins
  9. Phill Collins – Genises & Solo

So that’s my list. Out of the 9 I have seen 8 of them play and they are all worth the watch and listen. Each has there own way of playing.