Wise Words..well almost all of them, but they really do hit the nail on the head

This post was written in April, 2012 and has sat in the draft folder ever since.  So enjoy.


I saw this posted on Google+ and thought Penn Jillette hit the nail right on the head (well except for the Grateful Dead Part).  You can’t look or listen or read something for five minutes and dismiss it as crap or something you don’t understand.  You have to take the time to learn about it and maybe you will like it.  I never said no to my daughter when she wanted to try something new.  Sure I gave her a hard time about the music she listens to, but that was because she doesn’t take the time to sit down and listen to the music that came before it. Of course I have heard some of my music leaking out of her room so maybe she is starting to listen to the roots of music.   So for any of you “NEW” parents out there don’t shut down your children’s likes, try to get them to learn and take in as much new things they can as well as the old things that the new things were built on.

As I write this I realize that my parents really did let me pick up things and run with them and didn’t say no to what I was into and wanted to do.