Dog Stuff

New Puppy and his name is Karma

to let everyone know that we got our puppy. He is a Red ACD and we
named him Karma. I set up a blog and gallery for him at Check it out there are good pictures of him.
We are working on getting him house trained and starting to work with
him to follow commands…

Another visit to York to see the puppies and decide which one we want.

We all went to Bryn Mawr Australian Cattle Dogs
in York, Pa so Monica could meet my wife and so Carolyn could see the
puppies live. Due to one of the puppies being born deaf we are on the
bubble. If one more person wants to wait to take on of the puppies from
the next litter we will be bringing one of them home this coming
weekend. The puppies came out of there pen in a flurry of red and blue
and went right for my wife’s shoe laces ( a habbit we will break when
we get the puppie home) and then moved over to mine. They ran around a
bit then decided to crash for about 40 min.. We sat around and talked
to Monica and then the puppies woke up. There are 3 of the boys out of
the 6 boys that haven’t been picked yet. So when the puppies woke up
the unclaimed red one came right over and wanted to be picked up and
gave me big dogie kisses and then just calmed down in my arms. We will
probably take that one…we are still working on names. We will
probably still be figuring it out on the way to pick them up.

Here are pics of all 8 puppies taken on Sat by David Steward.

As soon as I can figure out which red one is the one we are going to
get if things work out right this week I will mark the picture.

Saw the Puppies and other things going on…..

Yesterday Avery and I went to York Pa to meet the breeder and see
the puppies. They are so cute. I of course forgot to grab the camera on
my way out the door. But here is one the breeder took last week.

As I said they are so cute and fluffy. We like the blue one with
the black spot on it’s back that is standing in the first picture. When
we got there Monica and David had 3 of there adult dogs out: Ruckus, Cinnamon and Tonka.
All very well behaved dogs. While the puppies were out they brought out
there newest boy Scoot that they got from Australia. A beautiful
spekled dog but big. They also brought out Babe and the puppies mom Bunny. We left there very happy and can’t wait to get one home in 3 weeks.
So now I have to start getting things ready to bring one of the little
guys home. I have to dismantle the Mame Cabnent and move it to the
basement and set up the dogs area out in the front room, as well as
order his crate and other stuff I have to get.

In the computer world of the bilancio life. I got the new
mail/web/FTP server built and burned in and am going to spend the next
few days getting the services up and running and try to get it cut over
on the 4th of July while everyone is out for the day. Then I will be
able to start rolling out Thunderbird to the desktops and get all the
mail stored on the server.

We are getting ready for the 4th of July weekend party which will be
held on Sunday the 2nd. We are wither going to have another Clam bake
with lobsters, but that depends on if my sister in law will be coming
down. If she doesn’t we will have steamed crabs either way it’s a win
win for everyone.

My daughter got her report card this weekend and got all A’s and B’s
so we are very happy with her. So she is moving to the 8th grade. 5
more years and I will be paying for collage.. 🙂

So that’s what’s going on in the Bilancio world……

The Puppies were born on May 16th

Well my ACD breeder got in touch with me the other day and let me know
that the puppies were born. There are pictures of mom and the 8 puppies
and 2 pics of the puppies here.
I will post more info about them when I get it. I do know she had 6
boys and 2 girls and they are expecting a good mix of reds and
BTW did I mention I am getting a dog 🙂 It’s my birthday gift to myself
and the family.