Another visit to York to see the puppies and decide which one we want.

We all went to Bryn Mawr Australian Cattle Dogs
in York, Pa so Monica could meet my wife and so Carolyn could see the
puppies live. Due to one of the puppies being born deaf we are on the
bubble. If one more person wants to wait to take on of the puppies from
the next litter we will be bringing one of them home this coming
weekend. The puppies came out of there pen in a flurry of red and blue
and went right for my wife’s shoe laces ( a habbit we will break when
we get the puppie home) and then moved over to mine. They ran around a
bit then decided to crash for about 40 min.. We sat around and talked
to Monica and then the puppies woke up. There are 3 of the boys out of
the 6 boys that haven’t been picked yet. So when the puppies woke up
the unclaimed red one came right over and wanted to be picked up and
gave me big dogie kisses and then just calmed down in my arms. We will
probably take that one…we are still working on names. We will
probably still be figuring it out on the way to pick them up.

Here are pics of all 8 puppies taken on Sat by David Steward.

As soon as I can figure out which red one is the one we are going to
get if things work out right this week I will mark the picture.