Comment spam fixes

After reading Arcterex’s problem I went and implemented a few of the ideas from here. If you have any problems with the comment system please let me know.

I know it’s been awhile

Well October has already sneaked up on me and I haven’t had any time to figure out how to decorate the house for Halloween. I have been to busy at work and at home working on my MAME cabinet. I have the control panel all built now I just have to drill the holes for the buttons and controls and get it wired. One of these days I will get some pictures of it and get them posted.

Been watching the logs allot lately and looking up the IP numbers that don’t have any reverse lookup and found out that someone at Dress Barn likes to check this web log allot. So hello to who ever is visiting from Dress Barn. Leave a comment and say hi.

That’s it for now. Not much going on in the world of William. I am still working on the XP roll out plans for work.

The 100 Most Frequently Challenged Books

I found this list today and I want to know what goes through peoples minds to challenge these books. I am an avid reader. It was this that made me a poor student in school. I would have rather read a book, short story or essay then do homework. Yes I know I admitted to being a TV junkie I am also a book Junkie as well.

Now I have read about 75% percent of the list and the ones I didn’t read were written for women.

Now the one book that really gets me that made the list was “Where’s Waldo?” What is object able about that book?

Here is the explanation of how theses books got on the list but I still think people who have the time to challenge these titles need to get a clue.

Tell me what you think of this list as well as which of these books you have read.

It’s official and the money is in the bank..

Well it’s official I sold the rocknroll.com domain. I received the money today and the domain has been transfered to the new owner. It would have been finished sooner but the new owner re-pointed the mail from rocknroll.com to his personal account and got flooded with all the spam that the Rocknroll.com domain gets. So the escrow company couldn’t get in touch with him to verify that he had received the domain.


Well the hurricane has come and gone and not much happened around here. I have one piece of siding/flashing coming off near the roof from the wind. I hope to get my uncle over tomorrow with a ladder and reattach it to the house. Other then that the hurricane was a non threat at our house.

Like happy birthday dude

My good friend Engel’s birthday is today, he turns the young age of 27. So with his wife finally home from Canada with a spanking new Visa in hand I am sure he will have a great day being loved and pampered. I hope he gets some cake and ice cream though.

So again Happy Birthday………

Long week couldn’t end soon enough

Well school has started for my daughter this week and already the teacher has given her grief. The first day of school and she gets yelled at for not knowing how to right in cursive. I asked around my office after I heard this and about 1 out of 10 people write in cursive every day. I think that schools should be teaching how to keyboard instead of an out dated type of writing.

Well Sunday I got a Revolution X cabinet to make a Mame machine. It needs a little work but should be easy to get working in the next few weeks. I have the lay out for the control panel all done. I have most of the wood I need to make the modifications to the cabinet. I still have to get the controls and keyboard interfaces for them, but that shouldn’t take much time to get set up once I have them.

Good Friend gets to come home

Hey my good friend Iambe gets to come home to her husband of 7 months after being separated from him for 5 months while she waited for her Visa. After a short denial this week for not having an original copy of some document, she got the original today and was able to get her Visa. Now she came home and jump her husband. hmmmm I think I will start a pool on when she will jump him. If she jumps him at the airport, in the car at the airport, in the car on the way home, in the car at the apartment, or in the apartment. Who wants in…..

Night work for a week.

Well they finally gave us a date for the carpet install last week. They are starting tonight. So I am here till noon today and then back around 4:30-5pm to break down my computer and the receptionists. I made sure that my area would be done first so I had a place to work the rest of the week.

I will be coming in around 4 the rest of the week and then getting out of here when the carpet guys are done and I get the computers back up. At least I will be able to get some upgrades done on people’s machines.

Happy Anniversary to me

Today is Carolyn’s and mine 11th wedding anniversary. So congratulations to me and my lovely wife Carolyn.

I got her a gift she probably will return because she won’t like it. I would tell you all what it is but she occasionally reads the site so I will post what it is later.

Week going pretty well the company hasn’t been hit by any worms yet. I must have the users pretty well trained not to go clicking on attachments. So I guess taking away a machine from a user last time worked.