Christmas List

Ok boys and girls mom and dad here is a list of some things that would make me happy to get at christmas….and for those who missed gettting me a birthday present (and you know who you are) I’ll take anything on the list….

Busy, Busy, Busy 1

Wow Thanksgiving was great…every one had a good time and the food was great. I thought the Turkey was a little dry and Carolyn and I decided to go a different way next year and go back to the purple turkey.

Saw Phil Lesh and Friends on Friday. The show was Ok. The first set was weak, there was to much improvisation. The second set was much better but allot of us agreed that Friday nights show was really a warm up and that by Sunday the show would be great. I thought Warren didn’t seem into and or to happy to be there. I have a feeling that this will be his last tour with Phil.

I have been working on the LUG/IP web site for the past few days and it’s almost done. Check it out and if you are in the area on the second Wed of the month come to the meeting at the Lawrence Twp Library.

Thanksgiving coming

Well Thanksgiving is right down the road. I have ordered the turkey and started getting the house ready. I spent most of the weekend getting the MAME cabinet up and running. I ordered an Arcade monitor but just didn’t have time to get it working. I put the Sony monitor back in and got most of the games working with it. After the Holiday I will just throw a motherboard and drive together and get the monitor working with that. Then just swap it all out into the cabinet.

Carolyn’s dad is still in the hospital but they are hoping to send him back to Langhorn Garden this week. So far the normal suspects are going to be over for Thanksgiving dinner. And then it will be time to start planing Christmas dinner for my folks and Charollet and Nat and Del. At least Thanksgiving the menu is really all ready planed out for ya…Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and Cranberry sauce plus other vegetables. Well work calls.

Why Personal Web Sites Matter.

I found this article on slashdot and have to agree with the author. I think everyone should have a web site. Whether it’s an on-line journal or just a static page they update only every few months. I offer my family and friends web space and server space, but you know they don’t take it. So I recommend reading the article and going out there and getting you place on the Internet.

What a weekend…..

Halloween was great..Avery got tons of candy. We didn’t get that many kids stopping for candy. It seems that there are less kids coming out for Halloween from when I was a kid. I did get to have a nice talk with one of the girls next door since she was out handing out candy.

Sat I spent most of the day working on the MAME cabinet. I got the coin door in the front painted ant the supports for the monitor installed. I fitted the Sony 21″ PC monitor in it and it’s going to look great. I hope to get the control panel laid out tonight and get the holes drilled and cut. Then I can spend the next few nights wiring it up.

My father in-law is still in the hospital but is not doing to well. they did a whole bunch of tests and found his kidneys are not doing to well. Last night they ordered a blood transfusion and more tests. Carolyn and my sister in-law have been at the hospital the last few days and will be there probably for the next few days.

Yesterday Avery go to stay home and she devoured a whole tin of chocolate chip cookies and I am sure a whole lot of Halloween candy. So she got sick in the middle of the night and gets to stay home for the day from school because she never went back to sleep.

And to add to that the cat is sick…..So I will be off to the vet today as well so much for a quiet Monday.

Happy Halloween

Wow Halloween already. Where has the month of October gone. Been busy working on the Mame cabinet. I got the computer end all done this week. More on this later on the site for the cabinet. I should have the site done by the end of the weekend with allot of pictures and stuff about getting the software done.

Avery is all excited about going out trick or treating tonight with Carolyn while I get to stay home and hand out candy to the kids, which I enjoy the most. Carolyn’s dad is back in the hospital as of last night. They called right at 10 when Carolyn was heading to bed. She got to stay up till 2:30 to find out what the hospital had to say. He’s got pneumonia in one of his lungs. She is waiting to hear from his doctor to find out what is up now and when he gets to go tout of the hospital.

Going to spend most of the weekend working on the cabinet. The goal for the weekend is to get the coin door in, the front painted and the shelf for the monitor in and get it moved into the front room. That way I can get the computer mounted. I am also going to finish the layout of the control panel and hopefully cut and drill the holes in and then start wiring it up.

I have also d/l over 100 ROMs for the game. I hope to get the whole collection as well as, as many other emulator files to play on the game.

That’s it for now.

Small changes

Made some changes to the templates and the archive pages. If you find any bad links please let me know.

It looks like some one was board

It looks like some one at the IP address was a little board yesterday around 5 EST and went on for about 20 min. They just loved hitting the ftp server here are a few attempts from the logs:

bilancio.org ([]) – no such user ‘oracle’
bilancio.org ([]) – no such user ‘administrator’
bilancio.org ([]) – FTP session opened.
bilancio.org ([]) – FTP session opened.
bilancio.org ([]) – FTP session opened.
bilancio.org ([]) – no such user ‘web’
bilancio.org ([]) – FTP session opened.
bilancio.org ([]) – FTP session opened.
bilancio.org ([]) – no such user ‘www’
bilancio.org ([]) – no such user ‘oracle’
bilancio.org ([]) – no such user ‘administrator’
bilancio.org ([]) – no such user ‘sybase’

Well you’ve got to give this person credit they at least kept on trying.

The Fabulous Fourth Grade Rainbow Follies

Last night I heard a song from the “Wizard of OZ” and it made me think of 4th grade. I wen to private school back in those days and the class size was small. We had like 14 kids in the class. Our teacher was a real out there teacher, Miss Sally Gordon. Her idea was to do a musical review since we were such a small class. We did about 20 songs with dancing. It was nuts, I don’t think I did to well in that class but it makes me think what happened to Miss Gordon and the rest of the group that made up “The Fabulous Fourth Grade Rainbow Follies”? The thing I remember most was that we took the show on the road to the Trenton Country Club..why I don’t know. So if you were one of us drop me a line.

Hey I may be warm in the winter and cool in the summer…

Well yesterday I got to stay home and watch Home Depot install my new windows. All I have to say is that it makes the house look great. We replaced all 13 windows in the house and had the black siding around the windows changed to white. The only down side is that now around the front and back doors the siding is black.

These windows are pretty good. The definitely keep the outside noise level down and they have stopped the drafts completely. Pictures of the old and new windows are here. If you want a recommendation about Home Depot windows and install mine would be great. The installer was friendly and personable and got the job done and did it well.